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Erica Hill is an intelligent and hardworking real estate professional. While it wasn’t always easy, Hill is now a franchisee of leading real estate company.

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Erica Hill Keller Williams Employee Retention
Erica Hill Keller Williams Implicit Bias Pay Rate
Erica Hill

Making Connections

Building a strong network is key. When Erica met Gary Keller in the late 1990s, she seized the opportunity to establish a relationship that would propel her to the next level of her career. Since that fateful meeting, she has helped the Keller Williams company grow from 6,000 to 130,000 ...


Wealth Management

Erica goes to extensive lengths the ensure that her agents are well versed in wealth management and best financial practices. She encourages each agent to be fiscally responsible, stable, and secure. Be sure to visit her Wealth Management website to learn more about how to put your money to ...