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Erica Hill is an intelligent and hardworking real estate professional. While it wasn’t always easy, Hill is now a franchisee of leading real estate company.

Erica Hill began working in lending, but after numerous bank shutdowns, she knew she needed a more stable career to provide for herself and her child. She soon became a mortgage broker, working with multiple lenders, thus naturally creating more job security. Hill did well as a broker but soon decided to move to the world of real estate. Transferring her natural sales abilities, she acquired a real estate position focused on direct sales. After years of experience, Erica felt it was time to branch out on her own and establish her own business.

Erica-HillErica moved to Idaho in search of a better life and better career opportunities. At the same time, she had gotten remarried, and Boise, Idaho proved to be a fantastic place to raise her family. Boise’s community and population also provided the perfect setting for Erica to start her business. While attending a seminar in Seattle, Washington, she met a man named Gary Keller. He was the cofounder of a cutting-edge real estate group called Keller Williams Realty. The approach of the company was unique in that it used the interdependent model of real estate, meaning that the company shares the owner profit with the agents who are treated as partners, provides agent partners education and supports them in growing their businesses in order to help them succeed.

Erica Hill could tell that the Keller Williams business model was destined for success. She wanted to get involved but at the the time, the company did not have an Idaho branch. This turned out to be the perfect opportunity! Erica bought the Keller Williams franchise in Boise Idaho. Under Erica, the Idaho franchise of Keller Williams has done extremely well.

Success wasn’t always easy. Erica had to fight quite the battle to actualize her dreams. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Hill experienced a good deal of sexism in the workplace.  As the only woman at her very first Broker/Owner meeting, she was not well received. Today, when asked, Hill is grateful. The behavior displayed fueled her desire to succeed and made her more determined than ever before.

Many people thought the franchise would not reach success, but Erica proved the naysayers wrong: Keller Williams has grown from 6,000 people to 130,000. In fact, it is the number one real estate company in the United States.