Mary Kay Ash is one of the most unique, iconic businesswoman of this country. She was one of the most well-known early women entrepreneurs. Her savviness with sales techniques and her ability to build a successful company out of money created new opportunities for women. She began her own business, which is not one of the most successful businesses in history, in 1963 with the philosophy ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

She decided to leave her job in which she inhabited a successful sales position because it was made clear time and time again the preference of males over females in the country. She watched many young men who she had trained get promoted over her, and finally decided it was enough. At this point in her career, she began to write her book A Legacy of Giving. The writing process began with her creation of two lists – one of things the companies she’d worked for in the past did well, and one of exactly the opposite. It was while reviewing these lists that she decided to start her own company.

She did not run her company like a cutthroat business mogul. Rather, her formula for success was all about compassion. She stressed the importance of kindness and putting oneself in another’s shoes to her employees, and made sure everyone understood the importance of a work-life balance. Mary Kay wanted each and every one of her employees to feel like a valued part of her company. Therefore, she stressed the accomplishments of others and encouraged everyone to build each other up.

She won numerous awards for her unique business philosophy, and her company, which is still up and running today, continues to live by her rules. Mary Kay was able to build an independent sales force that surpassed millions of employees. Not only did she accomplish the opening of her own company, she was able to inspire awe and respect from the business world which was, in her time, made up of mostly men. She forged a new path for women in society, and will be remembered for that always.

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