Volunteer work, it’s a passion of mine. My belief is that we can ALL do something to help others. Some have time; others have money and no time. But, every one of us can and should contribute something. If everyone would focus on giving back in their local communities, a lot of the need through federal and state programs would be eliminated.

Keller Williams’ Philosophy

Most of Keller Williams’ agent partners contribute through their closings. We are pushing for 100% participation, and we anticipate getting there this year. Those funds are distributed and used for three separate purposes. We send part to our KW Cares non-profit, which is run at an international level. Part stays in-house and is used for our own agents, staff, and their families in times of need. And, part is directed to the WCA, which is an amazing local business that has been in been here in the Treasure Valley for over 100 years. Last year alone we raised over $127,000 through agent contributions. We are clear on having a giving culture. Takers are not a match for us. Our associates know when they experience problems such as illness, injury, or even just someone having fallen on hard times, we are there to help.

Sometimes, we have to go find the needy, as people tend to hide away when they are struggling. So, we keep an eye out for people we haven’t seen or heard from for a while.

My Personal Philosophy

On a personal level, I contribute mostly money, but I also occasionally host events. I very much prefer to stay out of the spotlight, and my schedule is quite hectic. Additionally, I have created scholarships for young people who I believe will go out in this world and make a huge difference. Another passion of mine is helping single mothers. Often I donate ‘off the record’ and not through a non-profit. It’s about need and what I can do to help. It’s not about having a write-off for my taxes.

Here’s the Trick

I often tell people; pick two or three charities and/or areas of need and focus your time/money/energy on those two to three. Most of us are approached frequently, as there is SO much need. I learned long ago that if you want to have an impact, you have to focus. So, choose no more than three. Now when I am approached, I let people know I am approached so often that I realized I needed a plan. So, I have my own favorites, and I stick to them. In teaching others this philosophy, I have found it helps clear a path for them to jump into giving, too.