Typically I am not prone to rants. However, today I feel an exception coming on… It is about changing lives. Why? Because that is what really matters.

When people look at you as a leader they want to know 3 things:

  1.     Do you care about me?
  2.     Can I trust you?
  3.     Can you help me?

We have experienced all kinds of crazy. Small companies posting claims that by having a handful of semi-productive agents they are the best. With no means to education/support lesser experienced or new licensees, you would need to have only a handful of agents who are already experienced. (Bravo… )

We have seen companies emerge, by hiring our ex-employees who are so lacking in integrity they strategize (while being paid by us, in some cases for a year or more) to plot and plan, trying to figure out how to take over our world. (I cannot roll my eyes far enough back in my head to do that justice.)

Of course lots of companies claim to be us, and are not us. They might even mean well. (Imitation is the highest form of flattery.)

Reality check:

  1. Our education comes from the most successful agents in the real estate industry collaborating with our founder Gary Keller (You know…the author of MREA, MREI, The One Thing…,right?).

It is perfected and passed on to us here at home. We have education for every agent whether beginning, intermediate, or advanced that is unparalleled. The evidence is overwhelming.

  1. With the funding of the largest real estate company in North America behind us of course we can afford the best technology platform in the real estate industry for our agent partners. It’s not an opinion, it’s a simple fact. This requires A LOT of money. Good intentions are simply not enough.
  2. Passive income, which is much like owning stock in a major corporation, yep we’ve got it! Anything and everything imaginable necessary and/or required to support an agent in growing any size business, we’ve got it.
  3. We have a world-class staff who wake up every day working feverishly to serve our agents. (Did we always get it right? No we did not. And we weed those out.)
  4. To be the best you HAVE to have ALL of that!! We do!

And at the end of the day it will still be, and it will always be about caring for the people in your lives, (both at work and at home), being trustworthy and having the willingness and ability to serve. We are!

Stepping off my soapbox now. I’ll be back